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Cocktail Menu I ₦1,750

Cocktail Size Meat Pie, Cocktail Size Sausage Roll, Stick Meat, Chicken Cut, Sandwich, Fried Fish Cut

Cocktail Menu II ₦2,000

All the items in Cocktail Menu I, with Queens cake, Peanuts

Cocktail Menu III₦2,500

All the items in Cocktail Menu II, with scotch Egg (half),Cashew nuts

Cocktail Menu IV ₦2,750

All the items in Cocktail Menu III, with Sauté Gizzard, Biscuits or Cookies

Cocktail Menu V ₦3,500

All the items in Cocktail Menu IV, with Meat Balls, spring Rolls


o Please note that the above mentioned Cocktail items will be served as a piece per person. o The Cocktail items are either served in plates per person OR in Trays for the guest to pick on their own.


Peppered Chicken₦300

Fish in Batter ₦300

Stick Meat₦200

Sauté Gizzard₦300

Peppered Snail₦600

Meat Balls₦250

Dundu Oniyeri₦250

Scotch Egg (full)₦500

Scotch Egg (Half)₦250




Regular Meat Pie₦200

Cocktail Meat Pie₦150

Regular Sausage Roll₦200

Cocktail Sausage Roll₦150

Regular Doughnut ₦120

Cocktail Doughnut₦80

Biscuits ₦100

Queen’s Cake ₦100

Swiss Rolls ₦150

Sandwich (Half)₦300

Rock Burns₦80

Fish Roll₦120

Peanuts ₦150

Pop-Corn (per Scoop)₦150

Chapman (per Mug) ₦1,200

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